How to advertise a job vacancy

A group of happy workersAdvertising vacancies on job boards or other online recruitment websites is very straightforward and can be very successful if you follow a number of simple steps.


1: Write a job specification

The success of any kind of recruitment process (whether online or not) rests fundamentally in knowing the job vacancy you are recruiting for. Only when you have a clear idea of the vacancy that needs filling will you be able to begin the process of filling that job.

Therefore, the single best thing you can do to ensure recruitment success is to go through the process of writing a job specification. Writing a job specification helps you identify the requirements of the vacancy, the experience necessary to do the job, the education and skills required and even the kind of personality needed. In other words, a writing a job specification will help you define the vacancy that needs filling, the skill needed to do the job, and the person you are looking for. Knowing these things will help you in your recruitment.

2: Choose a job board

There are currently well over 1,200 job sites in the UK. How do you choose the right one? Well, it’s pretty straight-forward actually and it goes back to your job specification. Your job specification gives you have a clear idea of the job you are trying to fill as well as the person you are looking for.

Choosing a job board means finding the job board with the most number people with the skills and experience you are looking for. Create a shortlist of job boards and then get on the phone and ask job boards about how many people of the kind you need they have. Any good job board will be able to tell you. Look at popular generalist sites (like,, etc) as well as specialist sites . By interrogating job boards on the basis of what you need you’ll quickly arrive at a the job boards you need to advertise on.

3: Write your job ad

Job seekers do not trawl through all the jobs on a job board in the hope of stumbling upon their dream job. Instead, they search the site using keywords to find only the jobs they are interested in. You have to write your job ad so that the people you are looking for find your job. This means using the “keywords” they will use in their search. Things such as position title, skills, qualification should be included to create as many matches as possible.

Of course, just finding your job isn’t enough: you have to make job seekers want to apply for it. Create interest with compelling copy, action words, excitement and passion. Create a buzz. Don’t simply cut and paste your job specification. That is a recipe for disaster. Remember, this is a job advertisement.

4: Post your job

Now you’re ready to post your job ad on the job board or job boards you have selected. Again, this is pretty straight-forward. Most job boards now have some kind of online form that allows you to post your ad onto the site directly and pay by credit card. Oftentimes, this is the easiest and cheapest option.

However, you may choose to have an “account managed service” whereby you get a person to help, run and manage your recruitment campaign. Using the account managed option can be also be an excellent source of advice and expertise¬†for you to avail of.

5: Manage response

With most job boards, responses will be forwarded or sent directly to you by email. If you have opted for a CV matching service, then you will also receive CV’s of relevant candidates (even if they have not specifically applied for your job.) Some job boards will provide you with an online account where you can manage your responses and where you can search their online database of CV’s. The important thing is to respond promptly. You have one chance with people. Don’t blow it now.


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