Job Vacancy Advertising

Job vacancy advertising is the most common way of recruiting online. The guides below give you tips and tricks to ensure successful job vacancy advertising on job boards and other online recruitment media.

A group of happy workersHow to Advertise a Job Vacancy

Advertising vacancies on job boards or other online recruitment websites is very straightforward and can be very successful if you follow a number of simple steps.

A jigsaw with a piece missingFirst Things First: Write a Job Specification

Writing a job specification is the single most important thing you can do to ensure success at recruitment — not matter what channel or method you use.

Man and woman working togetherHow to Write a Job Specification

Writing a job specification is perhaps the single best thing you can do to help make a success of your any recruitment campaign.

Woman working at computerManaging Applications: How Should Candidates Apply?

How should candidates apply for your jobs? Should they apply by email or should you have them use some kind of online application system?

A group of peopleHow to Screen Candidates on Job Boards

Candidate Screening allows you to pre-screen candidates during the application process in order to stop unsuitable ones applying for your job.

Thumb up and thumb downHow to Respond to Candidates

To ensure that you recruit effectively and protect your recruitment brand, make sure that you respond to candidates quickly.

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